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     Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru was born to Motilal Nehru in Allahabad on 14th November 1888.  He was a descendant of Kashmiri Pandits, he was called Pandit Nehru.  Motilal was a famous lawer and their clan was rich.

     Jawahar lal studied in England.   He became a lawer after returning back to India.  He was an intelligent, cultured, well fashioned and knowledgeable person.  He was a very handsome  and had charisma to impress people.  Nehru was an excellent orator, speaker, writer, manager and negotiator.  He was a loyal freedom fighter.  He married Kamala Nehru.  His daughter's name is Indira Priyadarshini, who became prime minister later.  Nehru loved his daughter a lot.  He encouraged her to participate in the freedom struggle too.  He educated her on various political matters.

    Jawahar lal  joined India's struggle for freedom and independence from the British.  But his approach was quite different from those of Gandhi and SC Bose.  He joined Indian National Congress and became its president in 1929.  He had inspired many Indians by his speeches and calling people to oppose the British.  He went to jail many times.  He wrote many books.  Letters to Indira and History of the world  are very famous among them.

    He maintained good relations with the British authorities, as and when required.  Nehru was a follower of Gandhi and respected his ideas, as Gandhiji was more popular and powerful among the people.  He became the first prime minister of India and delivered the famous speech on the night of 14th August 1947.  He was the prime minister until his death in 1964.

   He along with his patriotic ministers tried to do good to the country, which was very poor, oppressed, illiterate and backward.  Sardar Patel united the country under his leadership.  He started the idea of public sector organizations.   He maintained a good foreign policy of non-alignment.  Maintained good friendship with the powerful neighbour USSR.  His governance philosophy was more towards capitalistic approach. 

    Nehru used to carry a rose flower on the pocket of his coat.  He used to like children.  So the children used to call him as chaha Nehru.  He was instrumental in setting up of many educational institutions of high caliber.  He was the initiator of Pachasheel pact with China during 1950s.  Unfortunately, during his final years, he had troubles from within and from china war.
   Nehru is remembered as the great freedom fighter, great father, a great prime minister, Chacha to children, ambassador of peace.  November 14 is declared as a holiday for educational institutions.  Many competitions in sports, arts and educational talents are held for children on this day.

   Nehru was interested in promoting scientific approach among people.  He preferred a combination of western and Indian culture and philosophy to be followed in India.  He introduced the IAS system and UPSC.  He received the highest civilian order Bharat Ratna for his life time contributions to Bharat desh.
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