Open challenge

If u can answer the below two questions then u r really intelligent.

Q- one thing is there which

Becomes 2kg when its dry.
Becomes 1kg when its wet.
Becomes 3kg when its burnt.

its challenge for u !!
"Challange For all group
limit 1days

Answer if ur intelligent!

What is that?

Comes once in year,
Twice in a month,

4 times in a week ,
And 6 times in a day?

It's challange 4 all.
Ans me..?..



the 1st answer is "Sulfur" and the 2nd answer is "odd numbers" i think so ! just a guess
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The answer for 2nd one is odd numbers
that is 1kg when it is dry, 2kg when wet and 3kg when it is burnt is the element SULFUR. Sulfur when it is dry will weigh 1kg. If it is wet, meaning, it had absorbed some water, it becomes 2kg. When Sulfur is put on fire, the 2kg weight will become much more because of the Oxgen. So it will become 3kg. So the answer is SULFUR. 2…Once in a year: The proper explanation to this clue is to actually write the year "2014" in a mathematical equation: "2 + 0 + 1 + 4" which the answer is equal to 7 and the number "7" is an ODD NUMBER. Two times in a month: The correct explanation to this second clue is that a month precisely has four weeks, and there are two "ODD NUMBERS" weeks which are the "first week" and "the third week" which properly support the second clue "two times in a month". Four times in a week: A week precisely has seven days, and there are four "ODD NUMBER" days which are the "first day", "third day", "fifth day" and the "seventh day" which precisely support the third clue "four times in a week" . Six times in a day: The logical way to properly explain this clue is that a night and a day both have twelve hours. Therefore, a day has 6 "ODD NUMBER" hours which are the "1st hour", the "3rd hour", the "4th hour", the "7th hour", the "9th hour" and the "11th hour" which greatly support the fourth clue "six times in a day. Answer is odd number s
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So 1. Is sulfur 2. Is odd numbers