Art, Craft & Design

Art, craft and design are words that go together easily. From fashion to architecture, and illustration to graphic design, Ireland has progressed from a thriving heritage of handcrafts, to an international reputation for its high profile contemporary designers.

Video: 'The future is in Our Hands' Year of Irish Design 2015

This is a creative sector, with three inter-dependent disciplines, each having a different way of thinking:

Art emphasises ideas, feelings, and visual qualities
Craft emphasises the right use of tools and materials
Design emphasises planning, problem-solving and completion, using drawing as a means of thinking
Careers in this field deal directly with work that contains a very high level of artistic talent, creativity and energy. The sector typically attracts people who like to express themselves by creating a work of art, be it in the form of a painting, a new building, a video, a photograph, an advertisement or a piece of sculpture.