Manners plays an important role in our lives. People know us by our manners. Manner also mean etiquette. Every morning we wish our teachers our grand parents and our elders are included in manners. Acting appropriate in a way that's socially acceptable and respectfull, display respect, care and consideration for others. Good manners include the basic courtesy of saying ''thank you'',''welcome'', ''good morning''....etc. Speaking politely with others also include in manners, that is without using any type of harsh language. Congractulating people who had just made an accomplishment also includes in manners. Managing introduction with grace, grooming yourself in a right way, know how to manage formal and informal settings of decors in your house......these things are also included in manners. Practising basic conversational courtesy is the most important thing that should always be remembered while talking to others. In short manners means '' norms with social society, social class or group.