Hey dear molly(or whatever name u kept ur diary),
                                                                     today, i had gone for football tournament. the practice was going on well and my team had got 4 points and the opposite team, ABC school, had scored 5 goals. the match was going on well when it suddenly began to pour cats and dogs.we all had to rush back to the pavilion. by the time we reached there, everyone was drenched. everyone waited for the rain to stop for something like two hours, but it didn't. all of us players were angry and started shout"rain rain go away, come again some other day" we all had to go back to our homes. the organizer of the tournament said that we could continue the game the next day if the rain stops. hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. it is still outsid, while i am enjoying my hot bowl of tomato soup. u want molly??
 gud bye,

hope this helps,
thank u,