Write a conversation between you and your grandfather. Discuss how
people have, over the years, changed the way they spend their leisure
Grandfather: We would usually spend our leisure time reading a book
or chatting with friends.

(Take about ten turns).

10. Write a letter to a friend about yo



Grandfather: Do you know son when we were young, we used to spend our leisure time by reading books chatting with friends.
You: Grandpa, we also chat in this age.
Grandfather: What nonsense are you speaking? Today's generation is just imprisoned by computers.
You: No, Grandpa. Just open Facebook, create your account, send requests to your friend. And chat in it.
Grandfather: What??? Leave that but does anyone read books.
You: Leave that grandpa. just open Google Chrome and type 'free e-books' and type the name of the book you need to read and later download it. 
Grandpa: (A bit humiliated)But do you know how to climb a tree. ?
You: Verrrryy Simple.....No. But just open the You Tube in your browser and then type ' How to climb a tree'. 
(A beep comes from your mobile)
You: Bye Grandpa. A friend request has come on Facebook. Please change along with the world.
(You walk keeping the astonished grandfather behind.)
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