Patol Babu was an actor. He loved acting and stage so much that he cherished those memories during his busy life in Calcutta those old days when he was a stage actor in Kanchrapara, on the outskirts of Calcutta.Suddenly one day, Patol Babu got a chance to play a short role in a film directed by renowned director Baren Mullick. Patol Babu accepted this role in great amazement but this lasted only to the location. On the location, Patol was told that he had the role of an absent-minded pedestrian who collides with the hero and utters a cry, “Oh!” Patol felt like being put into shame as to have a very short dialogue but soon he realized that there are a dozen kinds of “oh!s” in the language – with varying degrees of emotions.Patol Babu’s turn came and he acted with the best “oh” possible and won the director’s and the hero’s praises. When someone from the production unit came to pay Patol for his role, to his amazement, Patol was gone.