Refuse Plastic, be fantastic
Use Cloth, Dump plastic
Go environment friendly, be plastic's enemy
Say no to plastic!
Bring along a basket, do not use plastic
Plastic bag is a death bag
Be a super saver switch to paper
Reduce Reuse Recycle
The smoothest destroyer- Plastic
Plastic is drastic.
--->refuse plastic bags-reuse paper bags.
--->reuse the used one to make use of it again.
--->if u refuse to reuse its ur country u abuse.
--->carry a bag not a carry bag.
--->plastic bags will only harm but paperĀ  bags will always be in our arms/ paper bags cause no harm
--->save nature because its our future.
--->say no to plastic-yes to paper.
--->use paper bags-go green.
--->a country without plastic is fantastic.
--->plastic ko hatao dharthi ma ko bachalo
--->plstic hai zindai ka rakshash usko hatani hai hum paper upayog karke.
--->plastic hai rakshash par paper hai rakshak.
hope these helps u.