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the story describes a day in the life of Rizwan,an educated young man who is in search of a suitable job.he found a job as a journalist through an acquaintance,in the Kihaan newspaper.However,he has been asked to submitt interviews with five people along with their names and is only then that he will be considered for the job.when the story pens,we find Rizwan at a shop selling cold drinks.he was looking for somebody whom he could was a busy market place.there were people eating and drinking,and  customers were buying expensive articles.Rizwan saw a man carrying a load on his head and walking in his direction he thought that he was right person to be interviewed.he quickly went to the man and without exchange,asked his name and profession.the man was middle aged.he said that his name was Kasim ,and he was rag seller. Rizwan further asked his income ,to which he replied that he earned 500 rupees a month. when asked about his address ,Kasim got angry for he had no home,and  he lived wherever he found a place, his family and children lived in  he village.he had no land there. Rizwan asked Kasim if he knew that the govt. was helping poor  farmers .the latter replied in the negative and asked Rizwan if he was tout soliciting votes.RIZWAN said that he was only a journalist and Kasim should not be afraid of him.the rag seller replied that it was a time when everyone had to be on guard .Rizwan next asked him if he would like to have a land and do farming .the man bluntly said no ,and gave the reason that he was happy with his present profession .besides,there  was nobody else in the family to do farming . the man's father was too old to do anything ,and he had no brother .Kasim  father was a labourer and his income was not sufficient to meet the family needs in his family all his fther grt grnd fther all vry labrr and died due to hunger.