Make readable stories from the outlines given below:
1. I was going for a night walk ........ by chance came across a strange lamp ......... picked it up ....... saw a strange man ........ he wore a cap and strange clothes ..... asked me my wish ...... I wasn't frightened ..... I asked for sweets ..... good clothes ..... he said he would obey my commands ..... brought the lamp home .... kept it safely.
2. A hungry crow .... gets a piece of bread ..... sits on a tree and eats .... fox passes by .... looks at the crow ..... feels hungry too .... thinks a while ...... greets in sweet words .... praises the crow's voice .... requests for a song .... the crow is pleased .... starts singing .... the piece of bread drops from its beak .... the fox picks it up and runs away.
3. Ram, the scout, travelling ..... gets a purse .... contains a lot of money .... address of the owner from diary ..... goes in search of the owner ..... hands over ... rewarded.
4.A woodcutter cutting down a tree ..... axe fell into the river ...... prayed to the river god .... the god brought a gold axe and asked if it was his ...... no, said the woodcutter .... the god brought a silver axe .... the woodcutter said no ..... at last his own axe ..... the woodcutter happy .... rewarded for his honesty.

do you have to write all the stories


I was going for a night walk, admiring the starry sky. The weather was perfect. As i was taking my night stroll, i , by chance came upon a very strange lamp. The lamp in front of me was very tiny and was golden. Out of curiosity, i picked it up and tried to figure out what this thing was. Suddenly, out came a man, a really strange person. he wore a purple turban and wore clothes i had never seen before. I don't know if i was hallucinating, but the strange man started to speak to me. he requested me to ask for anything i wish and it would be granted. I put up a lot of courage and made my wish. i have a sweet tooth so, i asked for sweets and for good clothes.HE said that he would grant my wish , though i wasn't sure of it. I couldn't trust some random person , who , all of a sudden pops out of some random tiny golden lamp. I hoped all this was a dream and went back home. In the morning , as soon as i opened my eyes, right before me were my favorite sweets and some cool clothes.What more? i found the lamp lying in my backyard. i ran out, picked up the lamp and kept it in my house safely.