Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the study and behaviour of physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. Science is developing day by day and we are discussing about the future in present only. We are expecting to see the improvement of artificial intelligence and developing computer technologies. Let us know what are software programmes. They are specially designed to improve a specific task assigned. Nowadays, virus attacks are becoming serious. This is the creation of cyber criminals who do not want the world to improve. But today's world have begun raising voice against this. But the technologies which man is creating can surely become a danger to us only in the future. the increasing use of chats which help these criminals to gain free access to your systems. Specially the increasing development of artificial intelligence may increase the production of wastes and also pollution. So friends, let us think about our future and support the limited use of computers. I would like to conclude by saying- 'Future is our aim. And present is the time we can take action.'