The night cheers
With the glittering light of the full moon.
The entire sky is reddish
Because of her sight. 
All the people groan
For their agony.
Among them I’m the one
Who suffer for deadly sweetheart.
Like the moon
She gladdens my heart.
I’ve enjoyed her loving soul
With the emergence of the full moon.
She has left me
Although she has presented me wonderful full moon.....

hope its help u.
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This is the wonderful nature that i knew,
which always has the fruits which are new.
this is the perfect nature it should be
with the many groups of honey bee
now they are cutting/taking the tree's wood
but now i want to plant a tree that would
grow to a big tree and the roots touches my feet
i feel very happy and very feat.

hope this helps u. if u r unsatisfied with this poem pls inform me  i will change :)).
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