present-1.)John writes a letter(simple)
2.)John is writing a letter(continuous)
3.)John has written a letter(perfect)
4.)John has been writing a letter(perfect continuous)
past-1.)John wrote a letter(simple)
2.)John was writing a letter(continuous)
3.)John had written a letter(perfect)
4.)John had been writing a letter(perfect continuous)
future-1.)John will write a letter(simple)
2.)John will be writing a letter(continuous)
3.)John will have written a letter(perfect)
4.)John will have been writing a letter(perfect continuous)
hope i helped u:)
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PRESENT TENSE - shyam cleans his car - simple present tense
                               shyam is cleaning his car-present continuous tense
                               shyam has cleaned his car - present perfect tense
                               shyam has been cleaning his car - present perfect continuous 
PAST TENSE- shyam cleaned his car - simple past
                     shyam was cleaning his car- past continuous tense
                       shyam had cleaned his car - past perfect tense
                        shyam had been been cleaning his car- past perfect continuous tense
FUTURE- shyam will clean his car- simple future tense 
             shyam will be cleaning his car- future continuous tense
              shyam will have cleaned his car- future perfect tense
              shyam will have been cleaning his car- future perfect continuous tense
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