This is 21st century and every one even a small child is very familiar with the word "pollution" because this is what everyone see in the surroundings.this is man made.pollution is an introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that causes adverse change.there are some types in pollutions and they are::
soil pollution,air pollution,water pollution,noise this we can observe that how advanced we humans are we created the pollution and some types in it and even named those too but cant we try to stop pollution? question urself.
in the past in olden days humans once are the friends to the nature and the ones who enjoys he beauty of the nature but now? what happened to those humans now? they are becoming the enemies to the wonderful nature and they are
becoming the destroyers of beautiful nature.we once cared the nature as our mother but now? what happened to those children o nature? they are making their mother earth/nature to cry.and by this pollution our many wonderful assets such as ganga which is a very holy river in india once had became very very very pollutant.and once upon a time we used to take a bath in ganga to become disease free but now if we take a bath in ganga we are getting diseases for free.and our memorable white marble tajmahal has lost its colour.who made this?we humans are the ones ho are making from now atleast know wats happening in the/to the nature respond to it in a correct nature because its our future. thank u.

hope this helps u.