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Man cannot live alone. We need a person with whom we can mix and converse freely, exchanging thoughts and ideas, hopes and fears. But everybody with whom we mix and converse is not a friend in true sense of the term. Some gather round us only in prosperity for their self-interest. But whenever we are in trouble or difficulty, they desert us altogether. They are false friends and should to avoided by all men. The test of real friends come only in the time of misfortune. A true friend proves himself by his good deeds.A true friend does not have any selfish motive. A true friend will never let us lean in the evil ways. Instead he will, on the contrary, freely give us advice and sympathy, and will not consider any sacrifice to great to pull us out.A friend who makes your problem their's problem is a real friend indeed.
Such friends are hard to find, Harder to leave and impossible to forget.

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