Bolus is the food that is mashed up in the mouth. After it is digested in the stomach, the food is called chyme.
bolus are more alkaline that chyme because it is exposed to alkaline saliva. The and saliva turn food into bolus. It is passed through the esophagus into stomach.
Chyme have high acidity content than bolus because it was exposed to hydrochloric acid in the stomach. chyme enters in to small interstine after digestion in the stomach.
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Bolus is the food that is chewed by a person and chyme is the food which is digested in the stomach.bolus is smooth the food which is chewed but chyme is a soup it will be like a liquid.and the bolus will be changing into chyme after bolus  is digested. bolus contains more alkali because it is chewed in mouth by the hep of saliva. chyme also contains alkali but not bolus is more alkaline than chyme.and chyme contains more acidic nature because when it is in stomach the hydrochloric acid digests the chyme.

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