A true hero is someone with great courage and ability.A hero is a person who has influenced someone's life and is a role model to a person.In the story ''India's heroes'' , Kabeer seems to be greatly influenced by the bravehearts who sacrificed their lives so that we can have a better future. all these people mentioned have been role models to someone( here kabeer) which makes them true heroes.This is heroism. Thus, this story brings out true meaning of heroism.Yes, real heroism often goes unacknowledged because in this world, people judge others by their physical appearance and not by who they are at heart. ( I AM NOT SAYING HERE, THAT EVERYONE DOES, BUT MOST PEOPLE DO).A HERO CAN BE DEFINED IN MANY WAYS. a HERO is selfless and the actions of a true heo is for the benefit of his/her loved ones or for his/her country. This is what I feel constitutes true heroism.<3<3<3<3
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