It happenned when i was still in the tender age of ten.Outside it was dark and stormy which matched my mood exactly. I was feeling down and bored. The was no one athome with me to talk to, so i was completely alone in the double storey house.Mom and dad were on a vacation, which left only my siblings and me. But at that time as i recall, they went out with their friends, and left me unwanted at home. It was a terrible feeling, to be alone in the big dark house. i imagined that every time i turned around, there would be a large hairy monster, ready to pounce on me. Little did i know that my childish imagination would come to life, as it did on that night.I was in the living room, trying my best to focus on the book i had in my hand, but failed to do so.My eyes would dark around the heavy furnished room nervously, and waiting for some one, anyone to come back home.As i sat there, suddenly i heard one of the doors upstairs creaked open, and then it slammed shut. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing. I shut my eyes tightly and prayed that it was only the wind. But somehow, deep in my hear, i knew that it wasn't.Suddenly the wind howled outside, making the iron bars rattle. I was scared stiff and i could see my hand visibly shaking. Then it was quiet again. 
Tonight my mom and dad and I enjoyed barbequeing outside in our little garden on sunday evening. (Describe your garden and the plants, trees, etc. that grow there.) The breeze was so warm it made me want to sleep outside under the stars. While sitting in the garden you could hear the crickets chirpping, and you could see the fireflys all aglow. I looked down to see my cat. She came outside to see what she could get from the barbeque. We had a wonderful meal and I enjoyed my time with my parents.