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To                                                                            Hyderabad
     Madam  MissArt                                                  25/10/2015
     Best City School
     Brainly Town.

       Subject:  Invitation to preside over our Fancy Dress Competition
                       as a Judge.

Respected Madam,

    I am  KVN, the cultural secretary of Beautiful Rural school.  You may be already knowing that our school is situated in village Great which is about 6 km from Brainly Town.

    We are organizing various competitions in many cultural events and arts during 10th Nov. to 15th Nov.  at our school.  There will be participants from many schools from nearby villages.  On 13th we will hold the event for Fancy Dress at 5 PM.  We request you to kindly preside over the event as a judge.  The event may continue for about 2 hours.  Our school will reimburse your travel to our school as per the rules.  Please inform your acceptance to the invitation by a phone call or a letter.  We will be happy further if you make it convenient to attend the day's competitions too and share the joy with all of us.

   Further Madam MissArt , we will be benefited if you can spare an hour to some of our students related to Arts.  They need guidance on certain Arts related specific matters.

 Sincerely and respectfully,
Cultural Secretary
Beautiful Rural School
Modern Indian Village
Digital India Mandal

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