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If the number of terms in the data is even:
1. First arrange the terms in the increasing order.
2. Find the (n/2)th term and (n/2 + 1)th term.
3. Find their mean. That gives the median.

In the given data 5000; 8500,3000,8200,7000
arranging in ascending order: 3000, 5000, 7000, 8200, 8500
Number of terms = 5 (odd)
Median = [(n+1)/2]th term = [(5+1)/2] = 3rd term
3rd term is 7000.
So median is 7000.

3 5 3
thanks a ton tps
i actually made a mistake in the question.. the data given is 5000, 8500,3000, 8200,8500 and 4600... sry for not adding 8500
can u tell me hw to find the median if der even no. of terms ??
It is explained it.
ok thx tps