Cutting of trees on a large scale leads to deforestation. Trees has always been an important part of human lives. Deforestation causes several problems like soil erosion, (the roots of trees hold the soil firmly and prevent soil erosin),floods (trees control the speed of water current and prevent floods),oxygen level decreases, homes of animals are destroyed, sometimes these animals come into the cities and cause problems for the people and many more problems are caused due to deforestation.
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The word deforestation means cutting of trees . It has good and bad qualities . Cutting of timber or tress have advantage and only disadvantage . Advantage - its is used to make funitures . Its is helpful to children because we get paper from them . Disadvantage - it will be harmful in our future generation . Cutting of tress will increase carbon dioxide and it is harmful for our life . If we cut tresses we should also plant the twice the time that we had cutted ... Tress give us all that we want and so we must plant more and more tress . " SO SAVE TREE SAVE LIFE"