How we can confirm that colourless liquid is pure? When aspring stretches, it expands.what does it conclude?

Is both questions are related to each other
it concludes that a spring is elastic. solids can be stretched. the intermolecular forces still hold the material together. the spring gains potential energy. the force applied displaces the molecules in the spring..
for the first part... how to decide whether the given liquid is a single pure substance or a mixture of two colorless compounds in liquid form.
or a dilute salt solution..



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Take a sample of colourless liquid and put on stove if it is start boiling exactly at 100* C then it is pure water. But there are many other colourless liquid, having different boiling points, so observe them carefully, that whole liquid will convert into vapour without leaving any residue...!!!
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do you mean that two different liquids have different boiling points... so one will boil at a temperature and leaves the other liquid in the container.. same if the liquid is cooled to freeze..
No sir, My personal opinion is just simply, boil that colourless liquid and if it is pure than it completely evaporates without any residue ...that's it ... thank you #