Hey what u need to do is to practise various concepts.Beacuse there are many ways to solve a problem.. U just need to know HOW TO SOLVE IT? And then you can practice them.And let others check your Answers. Find mistakes and be systematic. There is no problem even if u start doing maths before its taught...Deal with textbooks firat and then Guides...If u r in CBSE textbook is not enough but u need to start with it...Dont try to solve hard problems at first...Start ascending...
Hope this will help you..! 
If possible ask someone knowing ur syllabus to select out problems for u to solve


Just concentrate on your studies and take extra classes.
Hello friend, u just need to concentrate and give atleast 6 hrs per day to your studies.
Nope.. NOT necessary... I m also in class 9... M my class topper
may be but for an average student it is useful
I mean to say That studying for long can also disrupt your mind... Not nenecessary...Concentrating even for 3-4 hours is ok