The theme of the poem 'The seven ages of man' is that the world's a stage and men and women are the actors performing.They enter many stages of life before  death.The poem describes the seven stages in a man's life from birth to death.At first the poem describes the man as a baby who is being taken a lot of care.Then he becomes a school boy who goes to school unwillingly.Then he becomes a lover who spends his time writing for his love.Then he becomes more mature and joins the army, becomes a soldier.With time his age increases and he becomes a judge, a wise and respected well established man.With time the man grows old, becomes the pantaloon.His manly voice weakens, turns into a childlike vulnerability and foolishness.He then needs a lot of cae and becomes too helpless, weak.His senses becomes useless  At last he enters his seventh and final stage of life, turns into a corpse.The poem describes all the seven stages and the helplessness after birth and before death.
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