You have won the interschool dance compitition .express your feelings in 80 to 100 words

Ab stage speech...r u need expression of winning...
K .
I miss my slot..sry..any how my follow brainly will give u a best.... May b I will k'atch with diff questions.... .. :)


I took a deep breath and tried to make myself steady. i didn't want to behave like i was flattered. the truth is... i actually was!! i couldn't believe, winning the competition? i was really not that good! oh god if this  is a dream i don't wish to wake up!! my kathak teacher is the real hero. i must thank him. but all these people these judges.. they selected me! my only dream has come true today. i thanked all those people who have helped me and entered the stage to recieve my prize.
i guess it's 2 or 3 words long hope you don't get penalised for it.
Today i am very happy i won inter school dance competition. it is my happiest day of my life. for this i really need very practice to gain this award. it very hard for me but because of my hardwork and love to dance with my heart only it become possible for me. when the result is being to be announced i am very nervous and after the announcement that i am the winner of inter school dance competition i am very happy and i have a big smile on my face . At last i say that my parent will be very proud and happy for my success.