The very place surrounding us is the environment. Basically, an environment has most everything required by living things to lead a life. Earlier, our environment consisted of greenery and cleanliness. There were a lot of trees, animals and the air was fresh and cool. NOW, all we can sees are buildings, skyscrapers, roads, highways, and many vehicals causing the one of the major problems-pollution. People do not care about all this. They do not realize that we are loosing our precious natural resources. Animals are no longer to be found. Most of them are endangered. Sparrows are not to be found due to the use of cell phones. As the technology increases, the beauty of nature decreases. We are selfish. We are destroying the environment to have the luxuries the modern world gives us. we have to change. If not now, when are we going to change? AFTER THE EARTH IS COMPLETELY DESTROYED? NO. We must start now and spread the message. It isn't too late. The Earth is our home and it is our duty to protect it.

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We live on earth in different types of surrounding.This surrounding is our environment.We eat,breathe,clothe ourselves,reproduce and then die.The next generation comes and the cycle goes on and the human race flourishes on earth.
The physical environment on earth provides favorable conditions for the existance and growth of different life forms,including man.These living being constitute the biological environment.Both the physical and biological environments are in a close interaction with each other and form a stable self perpetuating system.
In prehistoric days man lived in harmony with nature but in the course of his evolution man has developed a new type of environment,the man-made environment.Man is a social animal;the socio-culture environment also plays an important role in his life.There are three types of environmrnt i.e. natural,man-made and social environment.
The environment is conatantely changing and this affects life on earth,some these effects can be lasting and irreverseble . So we must realise that we should be concerned our environment.
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