Many times, the people who support a family socially and economically, dies. This causes most of the other members of the family to either fight their way through, or restart their lives from the bottom of the food-chain. 

Destroyed Structures 
If the members of the family survive, then the could still be short of a home. The earthquake would have caused the destruction of their house and because of that, they would be left homeless. 

No Food or Water 
In the aftermath of an earthquake, people see weather all the pipelines, roads etc are in good shape or order. If the pipes are broken, then water scarcity begins. If the roads are broken, then food supplies cannot be transported, later causing problems in food scarcity. 

With inadequate supply of electricity, the debris and rubble will take a lot of time to remove and if people are under it, then they may die before the rubble is removed. On the other hand, if it is at night and they postpone the work for the day, then overnight the death toll will increase significantly. 

After the destruction of many buildings, the sewer-pipes will also break and open, causing spread of diseases everywhere.
we faced problems by earthquake are many peoples lost their life,many houses are destroyed,roads,parks ,buildings and many monuments are destroyed.