Mini was really close to her father. Her father was a good listener and used to answer all her silly questions, which Mini as a little girl really admired. She seems to share her feeling with her father, who happens to be a novelist, than her mother. Mini's mother used to chide her for talking a lot but, her father never did that. Her father was her best friend. Her dad used to encourage her to talk. She really loved him.
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In the story of kabuliwala, it is shown clearly that Mini was very close to her father.She tell him about everything happen to him and also ask many silly questions which her father answerd to her.Her mother always ask her not to talk so much but she always talk and mostly with her father.Her father was a best friend of Mini.when mini ask him silly questions then her father simply answer it not said her to shut up her mouth.Mini was very frank to her father and tell him everything like what today she did;what her friends tell her and many more
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