Pollution is probably the most serious issue facing the world today.Yet we keep on turning a blind eye to it,believing that it won't affect us.Pollution of various element of our ecosystem like air,water, soil and sound has caused serious damage already.In Man's quest for  a better life and his mad rush for material possessions has forgot , or rather chose to ignore the impact of his deeds on the environment.Quite naturally, it is the cities, which are the symbols of man's greed ,which are the centers of most polluting activities.The fumes emanating from vehicles as well as factories have made the air in cities unfit for breathing. Sewage and other garbage from households and factories are regularly dumped into our beautiful rivers and oceans.Most of the garbage and other solid wastes are dumped on the land itself causing land pollution. And as if all these were not enough, excessive honking, blaring of music at loud volume,crackers etc have created a relatively new menace of sound pollution.
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