myself : hello how are ? what your favorite place ?

my friend : my favorite place is Italy because there is Eiffel tower. then what about your ?

myself :oh nice your favorite place is nice. I like England because there we can see all the royal people  and their kingdoms and their houses and palaces.

my friend : oh that is really nice though friend. I love to even visit USA and Canada they are really nice places according to me.

myself : even I love them but England is a good place to know the history of all the countries because the royals of kingdoms ones ruled mostly all the parts of the whole world.

my friend : yes this is also a right thing. okay bye I tend to go.

my self : okay bye.

hope so my answer is useful...........^_^ !!
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Myself: hi how r u?
friend: hi! i a fine. what's about u?
myself: i was just thinking about my favorite place.
friend: oh! so what's is your favorite place?
myself: my favorite place is science city, and yours?  
friend: my favorite place is nicco park.
myself: why u like nicco park?
friend: because i get fun by visiting that place. Their are so many rides that i love very              much. why u like science city?
myself: i do not like to visit science city............
friend: then?
myself: i love to visit science city. because their r many thhings about science and it                  have many joyful rides.
friend: yes, science city is also a place for fun as well as nicco park is also a place for             fun.
myself: yes u r absolutely right.
friend: ok then buy i have to go home see u later buy.
myself: buy.
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