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human activites associated with himalyas
what do u mean
human activites associated with himalya
i did not under stand what u want to say
Sorry paras...actually i was about to edit my answer but it was already reported....hopeu understand....


Distance between A and B=120 km Speed of car starting from A=120/6 =20 km/hour. Speed of car starting from B=distance/speed of car starting from A=120/20 =6 km/hour. The above solution is for the same direction. Time taken when cars running in opposite direction=4320 seconds Speed of both the cars=120000 m/4320 seconds. =27.77 m/second. The speed of the cars are the same becuase of the direction of the cars.
we have to take car a speed has x km/hr and the speed of the car b has y km/hr and we have to substitute
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