VERNACULAR PRESS ACT :- it was an act passed in 1878 under the Governor Generalship and Vice royalty of Lord Lytton , for better control of Indian language newspapers. ILBERT BILL :- a bill introduced in 1883 for British India by Viceroy Ripon , that proposed an amendment for existing laws in the country at the time to allow Indian judges to try British offenders in criminal cases at District level ..
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                                Vernacular Press Act
The vernacular was introduced by Lord Lytton in 1878. The vernacular press act forbade vernacular papers to publish any material that might excite the feelings of dissatisfaction against  the British Government. This act was not applicable for to the English newspapers. In 1881 it was repealed by Lord Ripon.
                                      Ilbert 's Bill
Sir C.P ilbert, the Law member of the Viceroy's Council introduced a bill, popularly known as the ilbert bill in 1883. The Bill sought to abolish judicial disqualification based on race distinctions.
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