John read a book in 3 days. He read 35% of the total number of pages in the book on the 2nd day. The ratio of the total number of pages of book he read on the 1st and 2nd day to the number of pages he read on the 3rd day was 11:9. If he had read 75 more pages on the 3rd day than on the 1st day, how many pages of the book did he read on the 2nd day ?



Let us take the ratio as 11x and 9x
so 35% = 7x
ist day is 4x= 20%
3rd day 45%
atp 25% = 75 pages
thus, 1%=3 pages
so 100%=300 pages
and, 35% of 300 pages= 105 pages Ans.