When a Husband gives money to his Wife what do we call it? Money has different names !!! In temple its called Daan, in school its (fee), in marriage it's called (dowry), in divorce (alimony), when u owe someone its (debt ), when u pay the government (tax), in court (fines), civil servant retirees (pension) boss to workers (salary), master to subordinates (wages), children (maintenance), when u borrow from bank (loan), when u offer after a service (tip), to kidnappers(ransom)illegally received in d name of service (bribe).



A husband gives money to his wife we call it Responsible!!!
I am 100% above % sure it is correct answer!!! hope u got u correct answer!!! I answered yr question first!!! make me brainliest!!!
We call it Ghar kharch k liye paise :p