When my age was 15 , l was just celebrating my Diwali 5 crackers together burst on me . And other side , my parents burst on me in anger as they told me that not to celebrate Diwali. my parents were scolding me but not the child who bursted 5 crackers on me, I was feeling very shy because they were scolding me in front of my friends and the whole Colony my friends were laughing on me but nobody told that she is injured so we should take her in her home and apply some medicine. after 3 days I was feeling well my some relatives came in my house to ask how I am feeling . I was laughing too much my parents and my relatives ask me that why are you laughing then I told them that if you are coming to ask me how I am after 3 days of incident I would be feeling of course Good. since that incident when I am 27 I remember that when the Diwali comes and burst into laughter.
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