1. Burst the crackers in open space and keep safe distance
2. Do not fire crackers at home
3. Keep a bucket of water near the place of firing of crackers.
4. Do not keep crackers near the fire.
5. Do not fire crackers on roads where many vehicles move
6. Keep staircase free to escape during an emergency
7. Do not take a chance by firing crackers by holding in hands.
8. In case of emergency, rush to the hospital.
9. Use the crackers which produce less sound and smoke
10. Wear clothes which are tight and should be made fro cotton.
- Make it sure that you buy crackers from a licensed shop.
- Don't allow small children to burst crackers alone.Always keep an eye on them and take they don't hurt themselves.
- When crackers don't burst immediately or take time don't keep trying to burst them, move away and put water on it to diffuse it.
- Don't burst crackers in a crowded area or on roads.This may harm the people of that place.
- Avoid wearing synthetic clothes, this will catch fire quickly.
- Never light crackers on their own hands.Never throw fireworks on people.
- Don't experiment with crackers this can be harmful.
- Don't use matches or lighters to light crackers.
- Keep a bucket of water aside incase of fire accident takes place.