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If I got the chance to go on a world tour I will definitely go as its my dream to go on a world tour.Also,because  my hobby is traveling.Firstly I will visit the beautifull places of my country  that is India.In India ,I would like to go dalhouise.I have heard it’s a very beautiful place.Then I will go to goa and Enjoy at beach.After that I will travel to abroad.Here I will first go to Paris,city of love and fashion. There  I Will take lots of pics and enjoy .After that I will proceed to next place that is Bali.Bali is full of greenery. Evrything looks so fresh and green .Then I will go to Hong Kong ,Disneyland .I think it’s the dream of every child to visit Disneyland.After that I will go to various others places of world and  just enjoy my life.

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