What is Pepper's idea? In the city of Extremum, capital and largest city of the Mauve Empire, there lives a man named Pythagoras Euclid Pepper. "Doctor" Pepper, as his friends called him, was a bit eccentric and absent-minded, but his eclectic knowledge of a wide array of minutiae paired with his apparent complete lack of common sense seemed to give off an aura of delight that caused many with whom he had spoken to have felt a keen interest in the unique way his mind operates. Pepper did not have a terminal degree from any university in the Mauve Empire, but the people who knew him best insisted upon calling him "doctor" nevertheless. As will hopefully be shown, he was not, however, completely ignorant in terms of practical judgment.



Dr. Pepper took a quick glance at the door and turned back to the lieutenant. 
"That's what I thought. Look! The hinges are on the outside of the door. If you have something in your truck that can function as a wedge, you should be able to pry the hinges apart and take the whole door off." 

"Right, I knew that," the Lieutenant said as he ran back to the fire truck and got a screwdriver out of a toolbox. Just then, the Mauve Police Department arrived at the scene. 

"We're ready with the explosives," an officer said as he exited his car. 

"That won't be necessary," the lieutenant said as he removed the door and ran in to check on the victim. 
Incidentally, Dr. Pepper is not a physician, but the victim thought he was just the man he wanted around the next time he should need emergency medical care. 
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