Write a paragraph on the advantages and disadvantages of robotics in about 80 words.

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Advantages of robotics
i am giving you some points
it helps in industries like technical, it is automatic so it makes thing more easier,it helps in medical for opretion,it make things easier.
it will make people lazy, if it get power it can misuse and be enemy of us and can be opposite.
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The Disadvantages:
1. They makes humans lazy,so human will not be physicaly fit.
2. By them there can be some explosions.

The Advantages:
 They can save our nation.
2. They
 helps in industries like technical. 
3. They 
make things easier to do.
4. They helps in getting entertainment, research and education.

                                     So,by it we can also prove that
                           "Science is a good servant but a bad master".

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