Wat does babur mean? What adjectives describe baburs strength?why was he successful in invading India? pick 1 particular objective that describe his succes? Who succeeded him, What problems did he face?who built the love monument? Which ruler abolished the jaziyaand his known



(i)Babur was the founder of the Mughal Empire in 1526.
(ii)he was a victorious,vigorous and virtuous ruler.
(iii)Babur did not invade India.He visited India when Dhanpat Singh an old warrior of Sikandar Lodi called upon him to wage a war against Sikandar Lodi. Dhanpat  became enraged when Sikandar abolished all old warrior chiefs and placed new and young Soldiers and warrior chiefs. 
(iv)Humayun was the successor of babur.
(v)The love monument -"Taj Mahal " was built by Shah Jahan ,babur's great great great grand son.
(vi)Akbar abolished jaziyaand.
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