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    In India democracy has been practiced at all levels in general as per the book.  A few times some problems were faced that threatened democracy.  Every five years the elections take place.  People exercise their right to vote.  But exploitation of loopholes in democratic procedures at all levels, selfishness and corruption cause the damage to democracy.  Democracy is ruling "for the people", "of the people", and "by the people".

    It so happened now that the power is centralized too much with one person instead of a group of persons.  One person faces a lot of pressure, it is unjustified.  Individual blame game rather than focus on improvement of lives of people takes a lot of time and money.

    Transparency in government procedures is needed.  RTI is a good step forward.  It has brought a lot of changes.  Digital India may make governance more effective. People will have easier access to government services.

   Illiteracy, shortage food and poverty are the reasons for failure of democracy.  Literacy should increase.  Then people follow political situations and control deviations from democracy.

    People's representatives, Media, Police, Judiciary are very important parts in a democracy.  These components should be honest to perform their duty.  There is a lot of waste of precious time of the representatives in the assembly and parliament houses.  There should be a good measure of the contributions towards their duties.

    People's representatives should do their duties in such a way that they are  respected by people and should not be feared, which is the case today.

    During election process, illegal means of canvassing must be stopped.  Corruption must be stopped as much as possible.  Often honest officials face a lot of harassment.

   The various ministers, members of legislation etc. should be involved more with the solutions to grave issues that India and states face.  They should be easily approachable and accessible, which is not the case today.  People do not know their rights, their duties as per the constitution.  There must be campaigns to spread these.

    Education of future citizens is important.  All candidates standing in elections must have a minimum level of education.  They must be trained in democratic, socialistic, ethical, moral, practices that are relevant in republic India.
   There should be 100% freedom of speech for press and intellectuals, philosophers and artists.  Press and media should not write lies and rumours for earning money.  Paid news is not good.  Honest journalism is needed.  Also the police must be given good rights that enable a better democracy.  They should not have to bend before the power of the ruling party.  They should honored on their duty as per the constitution.

   There should be many more awards for honorable persons who contribute to the democratic values, honesty, improvement in the conditions of people.
    The size of states is probably a factor in effectiveness of democracy and socialistic practices and implementation.  Smaller states probably are more dynamic and work coherently towards their own development.  In large states, some regions are neglected.

    Honest officers and champions of democracy should periodically visit universities and schools.  That helps growth of ethics and values in future citizens.  Various tenders and contracts should be more transparent and awarded justly.  Corruption should be minimized at high levels and low levels.  As is done, in Singapore corruption is minimized and the country progressed manifold in a short time. 

   The control on prices essential items is important.  Economy and financial conditions are getting bent on the prices of vegetables like essential items.  Its related directly with democracy, but an improper control leads to corruption damaging democracy. 

   Often it is seen that the union decisions on budget or allocation of projects is biased.  The various unresolved disputes among states show a failure of democracy.  Unilateral ruling power for five years in favour of one party and then a switch over for a unilateral ruling by another party, is not good democracy.  Neither is an unstable coalition government able to support democracy.  Declaration of assets of members of legislation, effort to bring out black money from abroad are some steps already taken.

    Due to the availability of social web sites and interactions, non-democratic practices are condemned at all levels.  The mind set of people, the representatives and the officials must change, for better and better democratic and socialistic republic of India.

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The upper house people could also be elected directly by people from the newly created constituencies. The qualifications and credentials for the currently elected Rajya Sabha members could remain the same.
so for these new constituencies every one does not compete, only qualified persons and eminent persons participate. Thus there will be a representative for a smaller population. So people's needs and works could be done better and faster.
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