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The main idea behind the establishment of public toilets is to control open defecation.
Open defecation is highly unhygienic. It may even prove to be deadly as the germs which accumulate over the area can easily spread and cause related diseases such amoebiasis etc. When there is no tissue or water supply during the open defecation, some irresponsible people carry on with their works with those unclean hands. This is no way encourageable.
So, the government of India has started to establish public toilets with in certain distance of reach, everywhere. Public toilets are housed and regular water supply is provided with in. There are even some workers assigned to clean the toilets every day without fail.
Though this idea was very much appreciated initially, unsatisfactory maintenance of the public toilets is forcing people for open defecation again.
The cleanliness of public toilets is not being checked regularly. In most of the areas, the toilets are left unwashed for a long. This gives the people a feeling of disgust and they start preferring open defecation to usage of public toilets. The doors of the public toilets are filled with rust and dirt due to improper painting in the first place. Moreover, shortage of water supply is also an alarming reason stated by many people. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. If not now, when are we gonna face a better world?
The government of India should take quick initiatives to overcome the problems faced the common people because of poor maintenance of public toilets. The duty of the workers in keeping the toilets clean and the supply of water to the toilets should be regularly monitored. Making people aware of the harmful results of open defecation should also be promoted. People should make it a point to use the toilets in a hygienic manner. 

A healthier India makes a wealthier India !

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