Which one would you choose and why?It was Halloween night. An evil goblin kidnapped some children who were out trick-or-treating and gave them the option of how they would die. They could either have their brains eaten by worms, be buried alive in a mass grave or tossed into a pit of poisonous snakes. If any of them survived, they would then be set free. One especially bright child thought of the choice that saved them all. Which one would you choose and why?



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I would have choiced of getting buried alive because it would be the best chance of escape. The bright child reasoned that as long as the goblin didn't use dynamite or a magic spell to bury them it would probably use an ordinary shovel. It's impossible to bury someone alive with a shovel if they're conscious and in reasonably good health. All the children had to do was tramp down the earth being shoveled down on them and slowly climb up higher and higher on the growing mound of soil until they reached the top of the grave where the goblin had to let them go as promised.
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