Diwali is a festival of lights. this day new clothes are worn,worship of goddess laxmi and lord ganesh happens. we burst crackers. this day lord ram came back to ayodhya . we eat sweets and distribute sweets. we make rangoli and lit up candles abd diyas.
Deepavali or diwali is one of the most important festivals of Hindus. it is the most rejoicing in festival of India. Deepavali literally means rows of lighted lamps. on the day of festival every house of Hindu is illuminated with lights. Diwali is a festival of lighted lamp enjoyed by all. festival reflect the cultural life of nation. there are days of Great rejoicing. sometimes they have religious importance.
it is performed on amavasya in the month of Karthika every year according to the Hindu calendar. festival falls in between middle of October to middle of November according to the English calendar. it is celebrated in honour of Shri Ram Chandra ji return to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. it is an important seasonal festival of farmers. they are free fromtheir labour of sowing Rabi crops. the festival is also noted for renovation of the houses