After hearing the story why do you think the police arrested Mr.Anand?Mr.Sharma was murdered and the police knew that it was Mr. Anand as soon as he got finished with his story. What I want you to do is tell me how they knew.Here is his story. I was driving down the street and I needed to call my wife to tell her that I would be a little late. I didn't have a phone so I just dropped by Mr.Sharma's house to talk and to use his phone to call my wife. I looked in the window and I saw that he was lying on the floor dead. I was terrified I quickly got my cell phone out of my car and accidentally dropped it and it broke! So I kicked open his door and called you guys to investigate this crime. Now, after hearing this story why do you think the police arrested him?




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After reading Mr.Anand story i noticed that he is not saying the truth because once he says he doesn't has a phone and stops at Mr.Sharma's residence to call his wife and tell that he would be late and on the other hand he says that when he sees through the window he finds Mr.Sharma lying on the floor dead and goes to his car to take his cell phone which afterwards falls down and breaks.....this could be the reason why the police arrested Mr.Anand.
Here is contradiction in his statement, earlier he told he didnt have a phone, and later he told , he took cell phone out of his car.