Good Morning to principal,teachers and all my dear friends.
we are all very glad to gather here to celebrate Children's Day. at this auspicious occasion,I would like to talk about children's day.children become the happiness of the society, home and as well as the future of the world or country.we cannot ignore their involvement and contribution in life of parents,teachers and all other related people. children are liked nu everyone and without them the life would be boring and upset.they are blessed by gods and conquer our hearts with their beautiful eyes,innocent activities and smiles.Children's day is celebrated every year to pay a tribute to the children as well as Jawaharlal Nehru who loved children a lot.
on his birthday it is celebrated as Children's day.Children’s Day celebration brings lots of fun and frolic activities. The celebration of this day reminds us to renew our commitment towards children’s welfare including their proper health, care, teaching, etc. Children were Chacha Nehru’s ideals and given lots of love and care by him. It is an occasion to appropriate the qualities of childhood.
children are considered as the building blocks of the nation.
Celebration of children's day makes us remind the importance of children in society,family and country.
let us join our hands to secure the future's leaders to make a beautiful nation.
hope you got the right way you wanted.

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