I have a big joint family. We all eat, sleep, play and enjoy together. My mother and aunties cook nutritious dishes. While breakfast we all have boiled eggs and sprouts as they are very nutritious. After coming from school in the afternoon at 1:30pm all of us have lunch. We eat rice at that time. Then in afternoon at 5:00pm we have snacks and tea. And at night we eat chappaties. We all have a nutritious and yummy meal everyday.
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find the meaning of the word HAZARD in a dictionary
complete the dialogues with the slang words in the box.
A: I"ve just passed my exam!
B:----------!Well done!
options is...Hoodie,innit,well,whatever,wicked,yeah.
We have a very busy day especially my mom has busy day Bcoz she does all the households and other stuffs like that My dad is always busy with his business And I m always busy in studying.....
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A:I"ve just passed my exam!
B:______!Well done!
options is...Hoodie,innit,well,whatever,wicked,yeah
oh nice