time is a precious is the most valued thing of everyone life .if one time gone it will never come back. time is the precious of all our wealth. If done work on time we will get success in our life. If we will not value it we will be unsuccessful in our life . do work on time and surely you will become successful in your life
" TIME IS FREE ,, U CAN'T OWN IT ,, BUT U CAN USE IT ,, U CAN'T KEEP IT ,, BUT U CAN SPEND IT ,, AND,, ONCE U HAVE LOST IT ,, U CAN NEVER GAIN IT " time is really a wonderful thing . It has no beginning, no end . Time cannot be commanded , it moves at its own pace . Time gives only one chance an one has to put all efforts and intelligence to make its best use . Actually no body can waste time , it is we who r being wasted by time . Great personalities used their every moment with high carefulness and economically and hence , by inventing great things , they left their footprints today...................