1.White dogs and cats prone to sunburn , expert warns.
2 .Pupils to " dissect animals heart " in new biology A-level.
3.Three hours of television can kill a day.
4.Brain injuries increase risk of dementia and early death.
5.Have scientists discovered why we have no infant memory.
6.Earth-like planet discovered 16 light-years away.
7.Nasa launches Mars' flying saucer' on Earth.
8.Scientists find how electric fish got its bolt.
9.Scientists detect smallest force ever measured.
10.herpes virus infection drives HIV infection among non-injecting drug users in New York.
11.dont let the bedbugs  bite. collision in space.
13.electronics may confuse a bird's 'compass'
14.even penguins get the flu. robot inspires medicines and manufacturing uses. avoid interbreeding monkeys have undergone evolution in facial appearance.
17.LEGO bricks turned into scientific tool to study plant growth.
18.oldest biodiversity found in Gabonese marine ecosystem.
19.NASA's STEREO maps much larger solar atmosphere than previously observed.
20.'bad' video game behavior increases players moral sensitivity :may lead to pro-social behavior in real world.  

wow i think i watched so much tv i am going to die tomorrow
A lady gave birth to 11 children