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Premchand's short story " GOD LIVES IN THE PANCH " is written when colonial British were ruling India .In this story both Jumman and Alagu went to panchayat with their problems / disputes . Also they both served as head panch . When they were head panch they decided in favour of right because they knew that when one is a head panch , he or she is like a god delivering judgements with impartiality . Thus showing how both the friends even after turning into frieds gave the righteous decision as being a head panch ..
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In god lives in the panch the background of a panchayat is exibited in two cases:first case the head panch was alagu and the case was between the old aunt and jumman he maintaing dignity by giving a right judgement to them.second case the head panch being jummanalso gives the right judgement for alagu chowdhari and samju sahu.hence both the roles as judges are being exibited in this story..
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